For over 10 years I have specialised in the area of adoption working with people who found themselves in the adoption triangle.

This work has included:

  • Individuals/couples who were applying to adopt
  • Post adoption support
  • Counselling for adoptive parents
  • Counselling for young people
  • Helping adults search for their adoptive parents
  • Reunions with birth families
  • Helping with contact issues
  • Counselling of birth parents

I am available to work with you if you are struggling with issues relating to your own adoption or if you are a parent who needs help with your own or family issues. I can provide individual or family work and am happy to provide an initial free short consultation to you or your family. Adoption had changed greatly in the last 10-15 years with older children being adopted via the care system and the issues that raises for the child as well as the new parents.


I have an interest in Post Adoption Depression and have recently completed some research on this issue – one which is seldom highlighted but a very real problem for new adoptive parents.

“Suddenly three or four weeks later a strange sense of anxiety comes over you. Some describe the feeling as panic. Some say it is a gross feeling of inadequacy for the total responsibility for this little person. Others describe it as a ‘cloudy blue feeling,’ while others go as far as to call it depression. What I call it is Post-Adoption Depression Syndrome.”                     June Bond 1995

If you would like more information or to talk about the possibility of counselling, please do not hesitate to get in contact.